How do We Accredit an Educational Institution?

For an educational institution, besides successful educational processes, how this education is given and if it is up to world standards is important. In this regard, UK Accreditation visits your institution and evaluates within the following criteria:

- Quality of education

- Teachers and other staff

- The adequacy and suitability of the building

- Physical setting of classrooms

- Health and safety conditions

After the evaluation, the report curated by the inspectors is presented to UK Accreditation Board, and according to the decision of the board, the school is either accredited or given advice on improvements and amendments to be made and notified on a prospective visit. In either case, a SWOT analysis is prepared for the school evaluated, and is provided to the institution with findings based on their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

A wall panel is sent to accredited institutions stating that the institution is accredited by UK Accreditation that is valid for 3 years, together with a UK Accreditation flag.