Free Materials

This is not a joke… We provide 100,000 sets of English Books without any cost.

Why do we do this? The vision of the İn2schools organisation is to share the common values of the European Union in order to promote high-quality English Language Education across the globe.

That is why we have been providing them 100.000 sets of books for free to independent schools and language schools all across the EU.

If you would like to be a part of this amazing campaign, please see the following rules for the application process. For successful application, all schools must meet the following criteria.

  • At least 8 hours of English lessons must be part of the weekly curriculum
  • All English teachers must have a valid international Teaching Certificate. If unable to meet this criteria, we can provide your school with the opportunity to gain this certification without any cost.
  • Your school must agree to implement the Common European Framework criteria in all your English Education programmes,
  • Your organisation must agree to, and be responsible for all of its students participating in an international English Exam which is compatible with the Common European Framework. The exam will be conducted by the İn2school organisation at a charge of €60 (euro) per student.

N.B. The services that the International Independent School Authority offers for free are International accreditation and service training programmes.