As you know, the European Union has been implementing a common curriculum with regard to foreign language education since 2002, namely the European Language Portfolio. U.K. TESOL is the only accredited TESOL programme provider which complies with the European Union’s common language training system.

The European Union system is based on different targets than those used in the language teaching system used within the UK, and identifies 6 levels of language competence (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Perhaps the greatest difference between this system and the more classical approach to teaching English is that it recognises that a student’s level of language competence can vary from skill to skill. For example, the European Union realises that while a student’s level of competency in Speaking skills may be B2 level, his or her level of competence in Listening skills may only be A2. A student may also be able to speak very well, but have very poor writing skills.

UK TESOL recognises the importance of preparing future teachers to fully understand and apply the European Language Portfolio in order for them to be able to work competently and effectively in line with the European system.

Our TESOL graduates are the only TESOL certificate holders who are prepared in this way, and who can competently teach students of English in both America and across Europe. That is why UK TESOL graduates are highly appreciated in European Union countries and also in America where Lingua Folio, a system is based on the European Union system, is implemented.